Selvudvikling og personlige coachingforløb

Your Inner Leader - Be the One Who Takes the Lead in Your Life

Find din indre lederIncreased life power and well being through yoga, awareness exercises and changed habits of inner and outer communication.

Are you longing for changes in your life? Habits you are stuck with, but know are not serving you, neither pfysically or mentally. Stress, discomfort and negative thoughts that cost you? Behavior, patterns of reaction and confrontations with others you would like to be able to handle differently, to add more peace and warmth in your relations? There isn't any miracle cure to obtain more of the life you are longing for. But there are methods that can make a transforming difference, even immediately.

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Improve the Flow of Gratefulness, Love and sincere Joy in your Close Relations

Nu00e6re-forholdWhat contributes to more peace, friendship, mutual respect, warmth, flow and partnership in your close relations? 

Many relational conflicts have root in what we think! What we think influences what we say, and how we act. In this workshop we work on becoming more aware of what we think about others and us self, and the consequences. We work on the emotional bank account in our close relations, and on creating a respectful feedback culture, that balance honesty and sincere interest in what the other has to say. We work with awareness training and mindfulness that help us find the tranquility and energy that makes a difference for our capacity to remain compassionate and constructive in a busy everyday life.

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Understand Your Inner Child and Set Your Self Free

dit-indre-barnDo you some times react in ways that are obviously not serving neither you or anyone else. Perhaps even childish reactions. Would you like to understand better what is going on for you in those situations and find ways to handle them better? 

Often this kind of reactions have root in hurt feelings from unsettled experiences in our past. Such experiences can even lead us to become demanding and insisting as adults in our pursuit to have those needs fulfilled that were not fulfilled in our childhood. When we work with our inner child, we can learn to find peace with the unmet needs of the past and let go of old unconstructive ways of trying to meet them.

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NVC Basic Level

NVC logo4Are you sometimes feeling frustrated, because you long for more connection around issues that are important to you, and tools to handle conflicts in a more fruitful way?

Key to connecting in a fruitful way with others - and your self - are your needs. NVC differs from other tools of communication and cooperation by its focus on needs. NVC is also one of the most powerful tools on the market to help us improve our relations and every day thriving. Unlike many other theories it has its root in psycho therapy. It allows us to take some of the healing elements of psycho therapy in to every day dialogue. We can heal each other a little bit in stead of hurting each other a little bit in the many small encounters we have during the day.

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NVC Advanced Level

IVK fordybelse teaser

Do you need to have your batteries recharged, find new inspiration, and work deeper with those changes, you would like to create in your life? 

NVC provide a simple tool for dialogue and communication that can make a difference in your every day life. But NVC is not a quick fix. Like any other habit we wish to change, it takes both self reflection, will and practise to change our habits of communication. The challenge is often not learning NVC. The challenge lies in unlearning our old habits. And holding on to the new learning. This workshop is for you if you have prior training in NVC and need support and tools to ensure that NVC is more than a hat to put on, but rather really integrated in your life and habits.

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NVC - Preparing for Certification

Cert kursus

Are you considering getting certified as an NVC trainer? Or are you simply longing for deepening your insights and training at an advanced and intense level together with other participants that also have long and intense NVC training already? 

This workshop is for you who have already been to many NVC workshops, and are looking for reflection and inner work at a deeper level. You will be supported and challenged on your personal NVC journey to work your way through a process of self reflection and inner wisdom as suggested in the certification process. The goal for you may be, but is not limited to, becoming more ready for the finishing of the certification process.

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Individual Coaching Sessions & Executive Coaching

personlige coaching forloebAre you longing for changes in how you lead or live your life? Are your looking for support to understand your patterns and find new ways that serve your needs better? In an intense individual or executive coaching process you are guided through a gentle and non-judgmental transformation, that has fokus on both empathy and challenge.The process supports you to identify the inner core of your challenges, illuminate your needs, and coach you to find strategies, that are more sustainable, intuitive and true to you, than if you engage in solutions without needsassessing coaching. It is a proces that at the same time enhances your inner awareness, self consciousness, self reflection and self appreciation.

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Couple Coaching Sessions

parterapi tegning farverAre you in a relationship and find that conflicts and frustrations tend to escalate and accumulate? Do you some times have the experience that love and passion can vanish? Do you miss inspiration to how you can create the connection and care in your love life that you both dream of? A coaching session for couples give you tools to talk about how to talk and communicate with mutual respect and care. Through individual and couple sessions you will learn how to built the emotional bank account in your relationship, and transform habits and patterns in to strategies that serve you both and the relationship better.

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