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The Necessity of Critique in Work Life

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Are you a leader and wondering how you can provide enough room for productive critique in a time where recognition and appreciation is key in organisations? 

Critique is essential for any organisation or business, as well as for people. Critique helps us learn, develop, improve and remain competitive. Recognition and appreciation is important, too. For motivation, engagement and willingness to do our best. However, a healthy work environment is caracterised by a culture of BOTH sincere appreciation and feedback that challenge us and help us explore and improve. Such a culture is not a given, but it is something any organisation can learn.

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Empathy in Leadership and Work Life

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Are you a leader an wondering how you can improve mental health and motivation at your work place while at the same time have focus on productivity and economy. 

As still fewer hands cover still more tasks it becomes still more important to keep good employees and motivate every one to do their best. Tomorrows leaders will need to be able to listen, appreciate, give non-judgmental feedback and include. This workshop will introduce you to some of the most concrete and powerful tools to train your skills in precisely that. In a way that sustainably connects theory and practise.

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Political Communication - From War to Respectful Dialogue

politisk kommunikation tegning farverAre you tired of experiencing mud throwing and war in the rethorics of media and politics? Do you have the dream that it could be different? Do you want to be a roll model of honest and respectful communication in public debate and politics? 

”Democracy is built on speach, negotiation, mutual respect and understanding, which leads to decisions that serves the interests of the whole,” said Alt Ross in 1946. Do todays political decision making processes live up to that description? Unfortunately not! Many politicians cannot imagine how they can be honest and clear without blaming their opposition. But that is very possible in deed. And it is necessary! Because, the tough retorics dribble down on the rest of society. As politicians, we have a responsiblity for being roll models of exchanging opinions and arguments in an honest, fair and respectful way. And it is simply a question of tecnique.

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Learn to Understand, Prevent and Handle Conflicts Effectively

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Are conflicts often leaving you frustrated? Are you longing to be able to remain calm and open in conflicts? Would you like to have tools to  understand, prevent and handle conflicts more effectively?

In our life, at work, in our families and any situation, where we are confronted with other people, we are challenged by our differences. Different expectations and values can lead to conflicts. Conflicts easilly drain the energy both at the work place, the class room and around the dinner table at home. Conflicts can also be the power and source of energy that increase the quality in our connections, deepen our relations and lead to new ways and better solutions. It all depends on how we handle them!

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Practise-Oriented Development Custom Designed for Your Work Place

Skru00e6ddersyede kurser tegning farverDo you sometimes reflect that workshops make more sense when the whole work group is provided a competence lift in the same approach, making it clearer that every one pulls in the same direction? 

Competence development of employées is important. However, it can be frustrating to return from a workshop with enthusiasm and dedication to a new tool, just to realise that no one else really burns in quite the same way about creating changes. It is often a better investment for the organisation to engage the whole work group in competence development. Ensuring that knew tools and knowledge is spread and anchored effectively in the work environment, and staying, also when the individual employée happens to leave the organisation.

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