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Empatic Communication with Altheimers Patients and their Surroundings

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Are you a care giver and would like to have a both compassionate and honest approach to those you provide care for, even though there is never enough time? 

Altheimers is many things. For instance a name for a group of people that are very different. A common denominater is that when we provide care for people with Altheimers it is particularly important that we are aware of the subble language, the non-verbal communication and the unspoken needs behing.

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Home-School Connection - Communicating with Parents

Skolehjem tegning farverAre you a teacher of pre-school teacher and find that communication between school and home becomes still more challenging and time consuming? Are you longing for tools to handle dialogue and conflicts more constructively? 

Being a parent is increaingly challenging. Being a teacher cooperating with parents also seem to become still more challenging. As schools are also still more pressured for ressources it becomes increasingly important that the cooperation between school and home is effective and professional, so that conflicts are prevented and handled effectively, rather than accummulated. A lot can be achieved by simply changing the feedback culture in the school. This is what you will learn in this workshop, with point of departure in your own reality and examples.

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Dialogue with Children - Understanding, Preventing and Overcoming Bullying

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Are you a teacher and noticed that a of what has been done to prevent bullying is ineffective? Are you longing for tools that act at the root of the cause rather than treating symptoms? 

When there are challenges of inclusion and thriving in a group of children, who is responsible for improving it? Adults, not children, are responsible for the social success of the class room. It takes relation competences and skills in unjudgmental dialogue to confront bullying and exclusion among children.                          


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What does it Take for Children to Truly Thrive and Blossom?

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Do you work or live with children and have a dream of contributing to sincere happiness, vitality and creativity rather than focus on fault finding? 

We often learn most effectively, when we are met with both empathy and suitable challenge. Still, in our culture, we often try to teach children by pointing out what they lack rather than celebrating what they master, and let their succes be the point of departure for new learning and conquering new areas of mastery. We do that, not because it is effective, but because that is what we have learned. But we can learn to change that, too, and thereby contribute more effectively to the positive development of our children.

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NVC with Children

GirafkysAre you some times longing to better understand the reactions of children, you care for, and find ways to remain both clear and empathic in your connection with them?NVC with children focus on how NVC can enrich your everyday communication and connection with children. You learn to identify the needs at stake in children and your self when the relation gets challenged, and how you can be true to your values without scolding, and at the same time remain curious towards the reality of the child.         

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