Political Communication - From War to Respectful Dialogue

politisk kommunikation tegning farverAre you tired of experiencing mud throwing and war in the rethorics of media and politics? Do you have the dream that it could be different? Do you want to be a roll model of honest and respectful communication in public debate and politics? 

”Democracy is built on speach, negotiation, mutual respect and understanding, which leads to decisions that serves the interests of the whole,” said Alt Ross in 1946. Do todays political decision making processes live up to that description? Unfortunately not! Many politicians cannot imagine how they can be honest and clear without blaming their opposition. But that is very possible in deed. And it is necessary! Because, the tough retorics dribble down on the rest of society. As politicians, we have a responsiblity for being roll models of exchanging opinions and arguments in an honest, fair and respectful way. And it is simply a question of tecnique.

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