Living Communication seeks to contribute to ...

  • connection and empathy in the everyday interactions between people.

  • the empowerment and liberation that comes with awareness and self responsibility for own feelings, needs and actions - and knowing the difference between taking responsibility for, and being responsible for myself and others.

  • work environments, school classes and families that embrace conflicts as a key to obtain connection, open up creativity and deepen our relations. It is not conflicts that cause us pain, it is how we handle them.

  • societies that create life serving and need based systems and frameworks for life and co-existence. 

  • hope for more self acceptance, self appreciation, compassion and peace for the next generations to come. 

  • on-going development and change that serves life. 



I practise this means that workshops, presentations and coaching sessions are

  • initiated by clarifying needs and expectations of customers and participants
  • executed with focus on connecting theory close to practise, with exercises based on the customers and participants own examples, humor, a relaxed atmosphere and language that is easily accessible and adjusted to participants
  • followed up with an evaluation, learning assessment and further recommendations 

Curiousity and constant learning is maintained through continues evaluations of practise and up-dating through new publications, workshops and meaningful exchange on professional network.