About Communication that is alive

Living Communication – what does that mean?

It means 1) to live the communication approach I teach og 2) communication that is alive

Communication, that is alive

Living Communication provide training in 'living communication'. E.i communication that is alive, flowing and flexible rather than static and rigid. Communication that flows with the present moment, that keeps me alert and aware of the effect of what I communicate, and let my next move depend on the reaction. When I was 20 I used to wave surf. Living communication is a bit like surfing. I follow the moves and flow of the wave and surge. I am conscious of where I am and where others are. I am aware of the intensions and needs of me as well as those of others, the organization, group, family or class. Not only is this an tremendously enriching, empatic and comptentent way of communicating that supports my inner leadership and relational competences. It is also a very precise, constructive, engaging, honest and effective form of communication that leads to increased motivation, productivity and performance, both in work environments, schools and generally among people. 

Living the communication, I engage in

Living Communication is about living good habits of communication rather than knowing good communication tools 

Changing our habits is not easy. Habits are patterns in our brain. They are founded in early childhood with ease, however they are not so easily changed again. It is not impossible, though - it just takes time, commitment and effort. Old patterns will appear more comfortable and apparent than nye patterns you have only tried a few times. That is why commitment and endurance is so important when we want to create changes for our selves. Regardless of whether we wish to learn to play the piano, speak Russian or pursue an education in Economics. Or change of patterns of thinking and communicating.

Healthy habits of communications are not a hat we put on what we want to be professional or educate. To hold integrety and effect, good habits of communication need to be integrated in our behavior, as a part of our nature. If our aim is simply to know some tools, most likely, we might not be effectful with them anyway, when are are pressured and being effectful is most important. Many people are ambitious about their work life. There is no reason we should not be at least as ambitious about something so important for our well being and quality of life as the way we communicate and relate to our selves and others.